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For most people the start of January is a time for reflection, looking back to what worked in 2016 and more importantly, what didn’t. If you’ve identified that it’s time to declutter your marketing strategy to make it clearer and easier to execute then here are 5 simple ways you can get it back on track.

1. Make using marketing technology part of your routine

Technology is constantly evolving the way that consumers access brands and consume content online. Your customers are fragmented across hundreds of different platforms, search engines, social media websites and apps.

If you’re looking to promote your business to the local market it can be hard to be the jack of all trades, so look for technology that can automate many of the smaller marketing tasks you need to do such as posting to social media or sharing content from the blog. There are many low cost and affordable options available to use in your local marketing strategy.

Here are some top free marketing automation tools we recommend you give a try.

2. Ask yourself – do you really need to be posting on all social media platforms?

local marketing social media

There are multiple benefits to using social media – for a start it’s free and has a huge audience. However, if you’re a small business looking to attract new and local consumers constantly updating your multiple social media channels and creating content that nobody interacts with just for the sake of it might not be the best of your time.

If you’re short on time and budget try to focus your social media efforts on engaging with existing customers, maybe even cut it down to the one platform that really works for you. Look at social media as an effective method of engaging with existing customers, keeping them updated on what’s going on, and reaching out to them with deals and offers. Engagement keeps your business top of mind and helps with retention and as a surrogate for branding. Put your time and effort into things that deliver results and value for your business.

3. Prioritise what works on mobile

If you’re thinking about getting a new website in 2017 then make sure it’s built with mobile in mind. Stats show that mobile marketing is key for small local businesses – so save yourself time and hassle down the line by making sure your website takes mobile into consideration now.

small business mobile marketing

4. Simplify your message.

When it comes to writing calls to action, online ads, copy and website messaging the key is keep it simple.

In an information heavy world make sure potential consumers understand and act on your marketing messages

  • Make sharing the simplest level of information default
  • Minimise the time they have to spend thinking about what you’re telling them
  • Don’t demand too much effort from your customers
  • Review current journey your customers go through online and make sure it follows the three rules above. Cut out the clutter by removing every extra step , avoid unnecessary elements on the page and eliminate visual clutter. To customers, less clutter means more clarity.

    5. Drill down your target audience.

    Once the easiest ways to overcomplicate your local marketing strategy is to try and target too many groups of people. According to Forrester, while 66% of marketers think they are doing a great job at personalising the marketing and advertising for their audience, only 31% of consumers agree.

    So in today’s data driven world, if you want to promote your business online to a local audience the strategy has to be specific and targeted. The more you know about your customer, the more effective your local marketing strategy will be at attracting local consumers to your business.

    For more tips on how to create a specific customer persona check out this post here.

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