get to know your customers

Regardless of whether your company sells creative cupcakes, second hand cars or cashmere sweaters, knowing exactly who your target audience are online matters – especially if your business goal in 2017 is to get more customers.

If you know who your customers are, how they talk about your products and services, how they choose and compare when they are looking to purchase and most importantly what they want (and don’t want), you’re putting yourself in a much stronger position than competitors who don’t.

Having some answers to the questions above enables you to work out where you can reach them, how to word the copy on your website, what keywords to optimise your website for

So if you’re looking to get started with identifying your target audience, or think your current audience profile could do with a refresh check out these inspiring and insightful videos on the topic of understanding your customer.

[Video] What consumers want by Jospeh Pine

Duration – 14:19

When your customers make a purchase they want to feel that it’s authentic. But with the rise of ‘mass customisation’, selling authenticity is tough. So how do some achieve it?

[Video] How to make choosing easier by Sheena Lyengar

Duration – 16:05

Your customers want customised experiences and products – but they are faced with an overwhelming number of choices online. Sheena Lyengar discusses new research that shows how your business can improve the experience of choosing for your customers online.

[Checklist] How to create a customer persona

Great customer insights help to create great businesses. But, when it comes to getting inside the head of your target customers, just how deep do you need to go?
One way marketers attempt to to get into a customer’s mind is to create a customer persona.
Answer the questions in this post to start creating your customer persona today.

Small Business Marketing 101: How to create a customer persona

[Slides] Hubspot’s guide to buyer personas

Check out these slides for a brief intro into buyer personas, how to create one and an example of one that’s been completed.

[Blog] 10 ways that you can use data to really get to know your customers

Get to grips with how digging into data can reveal interesting insights into your customers that you can use to help your business succeed online. This article outlines what data you should be looking for and how you can leverage it to gain critical insight. Read more here…

[Blog] Six steps you need to take to define your target audience

Work through these six simple steps from the Marketing bods at Marketing Donut to identify who you are selling to and why they should buy your product or service. This post helps you nail your customers problems, explore wider market issues and work out exactly what your business has to offer. Read more here…