About Us

Disruptive Technology

How it all began

Our story began in 2008, when we saw the opportunity to improve the way a business could plan, execute, and optimise its presence on Search Engines. After setting up SEO consultancy Search Academy, it quickly became obvious that the biggest problem facing businesses wanting to appear on Search Engines was knowing exactly what to do next and why.

The Glasshat technology platform was born out of a desire to automate prioritised recommendations that removed the guesswork and mystery behind Search Engine Optimisation.

Where we are today

Today the Glasshat platform scans over 150 million data points a month to automatically create over 60,000 detailed recommendations a month across our clients’ websites. That’s enough work to keep 1000 full time consultants busy - that’s a phenomenal time and cost saving, and we’ve only just begun.

The Glasshat Family

Every day we do our best to help our customers and partners grow their business. Besides that, we’re a knowledgeable bunch that come from all parts of the world equipped with extensive skill sets.

Matt Collis

Matthew Collis

Chief Executive Officer
Matt leads our vision, values & strategy. He’s dedicated to solving digital marketing problems in innovative ways.
Sam Keyworth

Samuel Keyworth

Product Manager
Sam heads up our Product Development team. He’s our go-to man for turning product feedback into new features.
Jess Burdus

Jessica Burdus

Head of Customer Success
Jess is the first point of contact for potential clients, and gets to know the organisations we work with inside-out.
Kate Furnifer

Kate Furnifer

Client Services Director
Kate heads up our Client Services division and is responsible for delivering SEO campaigns that surpass clients expectations.
Ishita Sehdev

Ishita Sehdev

SEO Lead
As an integral and longstanding member of the services team, Ishita brings her wealth of SEO knowledge.
Ruth Cole

Ruth Cole

Product Content and Performance Director
Ruth is responsible for joining the dots between the Glasshat technology and the actions it generates.
Navneet Gandhi

Navneet Gandhi

Resource Manager
Nav heads Resource Management for the Services Team. She coordinates the resources for SEO implementations.
Rita Rui

Rita Rui

Software Engineer
Rita is the genius behind the Glasshat crawler. She is familiar with Ruby on Rails, Python, Nodejs and Java.