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It's been a long journey, but our mission remains the same, to simplify your SEO strategy.

Glasshat began life under the name Search Academy, a professional SEO services company,  with a mission of finding better solutions to Search Marketing. The company was founded on what is considered the luckiest day of the century according to Chinese legend (08/08/08).

Search Academy began as a SEO services business that helped medium to large clients achieve higher rankings and more search engine traffic. The company focussed heavily on providing transparency through its online project management.

Search Academy spent its time servicing clients and researching the types of search marketing issues companies cared most about.


Search Academy grew steadily in the first couple of years, winning new clients that included Travellers Autobarn, Fusion Health, and National Disability Services.

The team also grew with a foundation of Search Marketing experts, Consultants and Business Advisors.

Search Academy acquired insights from its client base and network about where they experienced the most pain in acquiring Search Engine traffic.

  • Organic search traffic was considered the highest priority due to its high percentage of total search engine traffic.
  • SEO best practices were considered high-risk as they relied on gurus' opinions and limited evidence into what works and what doesn't.
  • Businesses were frustrated by the lack of transparency into what SEO activities were being undertaken and why.

The ever-changing Search algorithms, competitive environment, and nuances for each industry made these challenges appear almost impossible to solve.

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A major lightbulb moment occurred mid 2011, when the focus shifted onto how statistics could help provide answers to why some websites rank above others on Search Engines.

The team assembled an exploratory piece of research for the superannuation industry, which had some unexpected results. We were able to identify how important page load time was a priority factor for the industry, whereas previously it had been considered 'best practice'. We had numerous insights into how certain types of inbound website links were several times more important than others.

We ran a roadshow sharing these results with superannuation providers, and their feedback was encouraged us to take our approach even further.

We figured we had an opportunity to build a bespoke SEO tools and an activity planning platform, where science underpinned the planning to ensure we were focussed on highest payoff activities.

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From the light bulb moment, we hired statisticians, mathematicians and software developers to enable us to automate and scale the original analysis.

By mid 2012, we had built the first iteration of Glasshat. We were collecting, cleansing, and analysing hundreds of SEO 'data points' daily on an individual keyword and URL basis.

Glasshat version 1 SEO software was able to produce the scientific analysis and a high-level SEO plan to show businesses 'if they had a dollar to invest in SEO, these were the actions they should do next'

The business began rapid growth, winning clients such as NRMA, Flight Centre, and Polycom. We also made a partnership agreement with ReachLocal Australia, allowing them to resell our unique insights onto small to medium businesses on scale.


While growth in sales and usage of Glasshat v1 continued, we began focussing on even more in-depth challenges arising from our approach:

  • How do we develop the data collection and mathematical algorithms to deal with infinitely more scale?
  • How do we further reduce the growing time burden on our SEO project managers?
  • How do make the actions more actionable so anyone can follow them, not just our team of experts?
  • How do we iteratively learn which actions make most sense for a given website, environment, or point in time.

Over the next two years, we continued building our development team to focus on solving these problems.

The goal was an SEO platform that could make ongoing relevant and prioritised list of SEO action recommendations specific to each keyword, website, and environment.

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By mid-2014, we had solved most of the major challenges we wanted to overcome and began testing the approach internally on our existing client base. The results have been massively encouraging in that we know exactly which SEO actions to focus on next and why at huge scale.

Our SEO tool also has a unique learning algorithm, which means the results are set to continue to improve as it is used more.

We are now putting the finishing touches to making our SEO software platform available as a standalone offering that can be bought and used online by any business that wants to appear high on Search Engines.

In late 2014, we decided to change the company from its origins as Search Academy to Glasshat which we think better represents our vision for the future.

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We believe the Glasshat approach provides a unique and sustainable advantage to digital marketers who need help determining which action to do next and why.

Although our core focus remains steadfast on SEO, we believe the future holds many viable applications on any human effort driven activity that can benefit from systematically identified insights.

We will continue to be seen as the best SEO professional services company in Australia through our technology led methodology, first class client services and reporting capability. 

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