conversion rate optimisation from customer reviews

Here’s what it boils down to; reviews and testimonials from customers are an important trust factor and if you’re looking into conversion rate optimisation for your website then this is a great place to get started.

Testimonials (reviews and ratings from your customers), provide any visitor to your website with genuine social proof that your product or service is as good as you say it is. In essence customer reviews and testimonials promote trust and authority – two key ingredients for carrying out successful conversion rate optimisation.

So with that being said, how do you make sure your reviews and testimonials page has maximum impact?

Here are five tips from our team of experts on how you can create a winning testimonials page.

1. Be clear on what makes a good customer testimonial

Here’s the thing, not all testimonials are equal. If your testimonial doesn’t include some key ingredients it runs the risk of having a negative impact on how customers perceive and trust your business. Here are some essential things that you should try and include to make sure your testimonial packs a punch for prospective customers and helps improve those conversion rates.

  • Name your source and make sure they sound credible. If it’s a review from another business or commercial client, reference their business.
  • Include solid facts and figures whenever you can (but don’t make them up).
  • Make sure the benefits are highlighted. This could be a simple formatting issue such as bold or italic fonts or a separate call out quote.

2. Video is powerful

The most powerful type of testimonial or review you can get is one that’s recorded as a video, and while it may take a little more effort and time it really will pay off.

Get in touch with your most loyal customers and ask if it’s ok for you to whip out your smartphone or video camera (if you have one) next time they come in. Be prepared with some questions (we’ve listed some out below) and hit record. The beauty of this is that even if the video is rough around the edges it doesn’t matter too much – it just helps to reinforce it’s authenticity. No expensive editing software required here!

Once you’re done we recommend that you post it on your website and transcribe the review (don’t forget Google can’t read video, only text on the webpage). Share it on your social media profiles and when you have a few why not consider editing them together and uploading to your business YouTube channel.

conversion rate optimisation tips

3. Give your testimonials structure

To help make sure you get the high quality conversion rate boosting testimonial you need, consider posing these questions to your customer or client:

  • What caused you to use this product / service? (what was the problem or obstacle they were trying to overcome).
  • What did you find as a result of buying this product / service?
  • What specific feature did you like most and why?
  • Would you recommend this product and why?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

4. Include photos whenever you can

Being able to see the person, product or service helps to increase the authority of the review or testimonial tenfold – helping to make it more powerful and compelling.
Consider adding:

  • Profile picture of the person giving the review (check consent first)
  • Pictures of them using the service
  • Before and after pictures
  • Pictures of the specific product or service they are reviewing

5.Don’t ever fake it

Everyone knows Google is smart, but did you know that the spam algorithm is smart enough to detect a fake or duplicate review that’s copied from somewhere else? If you have these reviews hosted on your Google Business page and it gets spotted as a fake, Google may well choose to remove it.

In addition if you do suspect that someone has left you a spammy or fake negative review online you can always report it to Google, although there is no guarantee they will remove it.

Remember, a testimonial or review is, ‘an experience shared by a customer’. So be alert customers who are already vocal about their positive experience to you and tap up your most loyal customers to get started.

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