seo plan mistakes

Most businesses understand the important role SEO plays in the success of their website. However, when it comes to getting started on creating an SEO plan for your website, most businesses don’t know where to begin.

If you’re thinking about or are in the process of creating an SEO plan for your website, then here are 5 things you need to avoid.

Don’t pick keywords based on search volume alone

Here’s the thing; not all keywords are created equal.

You’ve probably already read that the key to creating a killer SEO plan for your business is to start with picking the right keywords – and this is true.

But, if you’re a beginner don’t fall into the trap of just picking search terms with the highest possible search volumes from Google Adwords. The problem with picking keywords with high search volumes is that they are also highly competitive – which means that it’s much, much harder to rank for them.

keyword research difficulty small business

If big brands take the top 10 results and you’re a smaller local business, then it could take years of work to appear in the search results for the most popular keywords (don’t forget, Google favours websites with authority and reputation).

So think highly targeted for your audience, think longtail, think localised. Read our full guide on how to do keyword research in five minutes here.

Don’t neglect website basics

If you’ve done your research you’ll know that any sustainable SEO plan has to include the creation of quality content. And, while it’s great to get stuck into coming up with creative blog post ideas or creating new pages for your website, don’t forget about the small stuff you need to fix on your website like duplicate title tags and missing H1’s.

Although these may seem like small, and perhaps insignificant fixes, they can have a big impact on how Google views the quality of your website. Try running your website through an SEO tool like Glasshat to identify some quick fixes to tackle.

Don’t forget to think about what you need to do outside of your website

It’s easy to focus your SEO plan solely on your website; after all, it’s easiest to work on things that are directly in your control. But, don’t forget to include to schedule in some online activity that will happen outside of your website. Building up the links back to your website and mentions of your business on other websites can really help to boost your authority online.

Start with listing your business in as many places as you can; adding your business name, address, phone number and website URL. Once you’ve tackled this consider looking for other websites online that might want to post some content you’ve written or write a detailed ‘How to’ guide that you could promote on related forums.

seo marketing plan

Don’t forget user experience

SEO isn’t just about keywords.

Google has made it clear that their main goal is to, above all else, offer users the best possible search ‘experience’. SEO and UX are closely related, implementing your SEO plan helps your website to rank in the search engines, but UX is defined by whether or not people are finding quality once they arrive on your website.

According to Moz,

“[User experience] provides an indirect but measurable benefit to a site’s external popularity, which the engines can then interpret as a signal of higher quality […]. Crafting a thoughtful, empathetic UX helps ensure that visitors to your site perceive it positively, encouraging sharing, bookmarking, return visits and inbound links–all signals that trickle down to the search engines and contribute to high rankings.”

Don’t forget to consider mobile

Mobile first is the practice of ensuring that any webpage on your website looks great and functions well on a mobile device.

What’s important to understand here is that ‘mobile first’ isn’t a trend – it’s a fundamental change that will impact on all future SEO plans.

Google’s pagespeed test is a great place to start if you’re identifying issues currently impacting on a website, or alternatively lots of SEO tools incorporate mobile health checks will make sure your SEO plan has ‘mobile first’ bases covered.

Want some ideas on things you should be doing for your website? Sign up for a free trial of our SEO tool glasshat today and create a prioritised SEO plan for your website in minutes.