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Customer testimonials and reviews online are a powerful, yet underused small business marketing tool.

They play a key part in your marketing strategy by helping to build your online credibility, establish trust and convert prospects into customers and clients. Plus, hosting these testimonials on your website is a great way to add some fresh content on your website (so thumbs up from Google and a potential boost for your SEO).

So what makes a great customer testimonial and review page?

To help you get inspired here are some great customer testimonial examples, from big brands to small business. We’ve picked pages that feature a mixture of video, photos and quotes to help you to get cracking on creating your own.

1. Codeacadmy

We love: the concept of a ‘customer story’ and use of a video testimonial. The short three to four word eye-catching summaries used for each customer success story also help visitors to quickly scan over the page and find a customer testimonial that’s relevant to them.

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customer review online

2. Xero

We love: how Xero have used a mix of video content, images and clear call out quotes. It’s great that you can see a picture and the name of the customer sharing their story – it helps to give the online reviews some real credibility straightaway.

local marketing tips customer reviews

3. Sydney City Toyota

We love: the fact that this local business gives you the option to submit your own customer testimonial. The simple use of formatting (bold and large text) for the quotes also really helps to draw your eye to this great customer quote. Providing the names and location of the customer who’s left the review also helps to make this page appear really genuine – powerful!

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4. Live chat

We love: the easy to scan ‘cards’ style format which feature a quote, company logo, name and job title – all key components any small business should try to include in their customer testimonials online. It’s a great example of using the space on the page to maximum effect.

small business marketing ideas customer reviews

5. Shopify

We love: that Shopify use the customer testimonial review page on their website to openly invite others to share their own success story. This is a great way to generate more reviews, customer stories and testimonials for your website.

local marketing tips customer reviews online

6. Helpling.com

We love: the clean and simple design with quote bubbles and images for everyone who’s sharing their testimonial online.

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7. Salesforce

We love: the key call out quote that you can’t help but read. We also love that they give you the ability to filter their customer testimonials by industry, so you can easily find one that’s relevant and relatable to you.

example of customer review online page website

8. RJ Metrics

We love: that they’ve turned the videos of customer stories into video montage – it’s really engaging and is a great way to showcase some great customer reviews in a short space of time. It would be a great idea to post a video like this on YouTube.

small business marketing ideas reviews online

9. Totango

We love: that this page ticks all the boxes. The embedded Youtube videos are powerful when combined with the written summary and full story below.

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10. Pulse DJs Melbourne

We love: that they are using this page on their website to direct customers to other places where they can find customer reviews online – such as their Facebook page. If you’re a small business who doesn’t have time to create fresh content for your website, but you already have reviews somewhere else, then this is a great way to still create some value for your customers who are looking for validation about your business online.

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11. Barnes Row Accountants

We love: another small business with a simple and engaging layout. They’ve highlighted the key quotes which are easy to scan, but have also made it super easy to read the full story by clicking on the eye catching green buttons.
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12. Desk.com

We love: the simple design which displays each customer success story in an engaging way that’s easy to digest. Although the information on this page is minimal you can get a lot more in-depth and detailed information by clicking on the image.
example customer testimonial page
example of customer reviews page

13. Slack

We love: the colourful and engaging look of this page. The design of this page really suits the brand, and the pictures and short summary encourage you to want to read more.

example customer testimonials page

14. ClassDojo

We love: this creative way to present a customer testimonials page. They’ve taken the approach of calling their customer stories page an ‘ideas board’ where they share how other people used their product to make their job easier and lives better – essentially a customer testimonial.
example customer review online website

Inspired by these customer testimonial examples and ready to create your own customer testimonial or review page online? Here are some top tips to remember.

  • Always name your customer or client – it helps to establish genuine credibility. If it’s a review from another business or commercial client, reference and link to their business.
  • Include solid facts and figures whenever you can (but don’t make them up).
  • Make sure you highlight the benefits. This could be a simple formatting issue such as bold or italic fonts or a separate call out quote.
  • Try to include some video testimonials from customer where possible. Video is a really powerful format when it comes to customer testimonials and reviews. It doesn’t have to be a polished final cut that costs a lot of money, experiment with recording small clips on your smartphone.
  • The same goes for adding pictures and logos to your testimonials page.
  • Share your customer reviews and testimonials page on your social media channels. It’s great that people want to positively endorse your business, so be proud and get sharing the love!

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