If you've tried Glasshat and are ready to share it with the rest of your team, here is a customisable email template that you can use to let people know what it is, how it works, and how it will benefit their every day work on SEO for your clients.

Hi team,

For the past [weeks, months or other timeframe], we’ve been using Glasshat, a data-driven digital marketing planning tool that provides us with a way to effortlessly plan online marketing campaigns by telling us which digital marketing activity to do next for our clients, and why.

After using it, it’s clear that Glasshat can help us with creating and implementing SEO plans for our clients - while minimising the time we spend doing manual research, data gathering and analysis.

Here’s a quick callout of some of the features that will be really useful:

  • Glasshat algorithm. Glasshat generates ‘seo recommendations’ by using an algorithm - so no more mundane research and analysis work - just time spent getting things done.
  • Easy ‘add to plan’ functionality so you can pick and choose the things that are most appropriate for clients across categories like content creation, website optimisation and Step by step action instructions.
  • Project plan export to CSV and Trello.
  • To get started check out this demo video here. It covers the basics like how to set up a new client, add keywords and create a custom action plan.