Smart SEO Technology

Under the hood is a powerful analytical engine
designed by Glasshat data scientists

Effective Local SEO Solutions

Quick and Simple Project Setup

Get up and running by selecting as little as one keyword you want your site to rank for in the search engines. Glasshat even analyses your website to auto-suggest keyword ideas.

For power users we help you supercharge your keyword research with keyword trends, how-to guides and bulk upload features.

Automated SEO Website Health Check

Glasshat crawls your website to quickly generate a list of things that you can do to fix all the critical and important issues within minutes. From page speed and broken links to duplicate meta tags - we have it covered.

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Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Local SEO Solutions

Generate Prioritised SEO Actions

Our powerful machine learning algorithm collects and scientifically analyses thousands of data points across hundreds of your competitors for every keyword you want to rank for.  

What you get is a simple list of specific action recommendations in priority across seven essential categories; Web and Mobile Development, Site Content, Design, Brand Marketing, Social and Content Creation. 

Easy to Follow SEO Instructions

Every Glasshat Action is supported by detailed step-by-step guidance, how-to-guides, live examples and easy to use templates. See our full list of services.

At a glance you can see how difficult the task will be, how long it should take you to complete, and the scientific reason behind why this recommended action is important for your website.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Local SEO Solutions

Advanced Filtering Options

Take action quickly by filtering your SEO Action recommendations by category, keyword, page URL or simply by the time it takes to complete an action.

So regardless of how much time you have (or don't have) you can quickly drill down to the actions that are achievable for your business and team. 

Simplify your Workflow

Easily navigate and select the actions you want to add to your personal SEO action plan using our simple interface. Glasshat supports CSV and Trello exports for easy delegation and status tracking.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Local SEO Solutions

Quick, Reliable and Automated Reporting

Benchmark your progress and impress your stakeholders with our comprehensive SEO performance reports generated automatically by Glasshat.

Our compelling reports provide you with visibility on the specific actions that have helped you to achieve ranking improvements.

Ongoing suggestions that improve over time

We know that SEO and the online landscape is always changing. That’s why our smart SEO technology is powered by machine learning algorithms which gathers customer feedback on actions, completed project hours and industry sector information.

So, regardless of which industry, language or country you operate in, you can be sure that the recommendations we make for your website are always the best.

Effective Local SEO Solutions

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