free ways to drive website traffic

As a small business, who’s looking to increase website traffic to help grow their business online, you probably already know great content, an active social presence and an optimised website are all key ingredients in the recipe of online business success.

So if you’ve got these bases covered how else can you drive high quality traffic to your website? Here are 5 awesome ways you can increase traffic to your website without SEO or Social Media – and they won’t cost you a cent.

1. Become a case study

Businesses who want to earn the trust of their customers are always looking for testimonials that shout about how great their product or service is.

So why not be that testimonial?

Make a list of all the suppliers and contacts you come into contact with and get in touch to offer them a testimonial for their website. It’s a win win situation, as they end up with powerful testimonial, and you get to put your business in front of new and potential customers with a link back to your website to help increase website traffic.

2. Build your own personal brand

When was the last time that you looked at your own personal presence online?

Building up the authority of your business brand online isn’t the only way to drive more traffic to your website.

It’s time to start blowing your own trumpet and make some waves by completing your profile, building up your connections, being active, joining groups and making sure everything links back to your website is a free and simple way to encourage more people to visit your website.

build personal brand increase website traffic

3. Showcase your expertise

Online Q & A websites are a great place to start if you’re looking for a free way to drive some more traffic to your website.

The key to success is to build up your authority by completing your profile and providing detailed responses to questions that are related to your business and industry. Offer unique opinions or points of view wherever you can.

Just check out this thread on Quora for inspiration on how others have successfully used Quora as a marketing tool to increase traffic to their website.

4. Think small for big gains

Hotmail is one of the earliest examples of growth hacking success. After their expensive advertising and billboard campaign failed miserably, one investor gave them a simple and free idea worth trying… He suggested that in every email sent by Hotmail, they insert a signature on the bottom of the email that said “P.S. Get your free email at Hotmail”.

The rest is history.

Think about something small that your business can do – even if it is making sure that every email or message you send out has a link to help increase website traffic.

small changes drive website traffic

5. Use exisiting online communities to your advantage

Research where your customers spend time online, such as forums, online groups and marketplaces and get amongst it, promoting your website when you come across potential customers who are facing a problem your business can help solve.

Online marketplace Airbnb bossed this approach to increasing website traffic by using Craigslist to find listings of houses for rent. When they found a property that was up for rent they got in touch with the renters to ask if they’d like to list their ads on Airbnb as well.

The result? A boost in website traffic and loads of new potential customers what wanted to check out their product.

Looking for more ideas on how to boost the growth of your business online? Check out our free website traffic idea generator tool here for great inspiration, real life examples and helpful links.


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