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In recent years, web development, internet services and online technologies have been changing at a rapid pace. As a result Web Development businesses today operate in an increasingly competitive market, and businesses that want to grow often end up spending copious amounts of time trying to entice new clients to buy their services.

A recent report highlighted that selling additional services, like SEO, can be a lengthy and unpredictable sales process for Web Development businesses. Which raises the question, how can you generate additional revenue in a cost effective, efficient and scalable way?

Read on for five top ways you can generate more revenue from your existing clients, without limiting your options for attracting new leads.

1. Address the overall needs of your clients

When it comes to identifying opportunities to sell additional services start by listing out the services your clients could buy from you, but don’t.

You know that building a website is just one part of creating an online presence for a business, so just consider what other related and complementary services your clients may require down the line, in order to maximise the performance of the website you’ve just built for them.

grow web development business

What’s the ultimate problem clients are trying to solve with a website? Many would say to get found on Google. According to Sensis 61% of SMB’s in Australia use their website to promote their business online.

2. Be proactive: Give your clients ideas on how they can improve

A recent survey by Sensis highlighted that although the number of SMB’s with a website has dramatically increased, only one in four actually has an online strategy in place. What this means for your Web Development business is that there is clear opportunity for you to step in and tell clients what they need, don’t sit there waiting for them to come to you.

growing web development business

Be proactive in providing innovative and unique solutions – don’t let clients go elsewhere for a service you could offer just because they didn’t even know you could help.

3. Be innovative and go to town on your competitors

Competition in the Web Development and Online Services Industry is fierce. In a recent survey of Web Development businesses in Australia, 100% of survey participants said they offered at least one additional service to clients – which means that if you want your business to stand out, you really need to step up your game.

One way to increase your chance of cross-selling additional services is to increase your credibility as a trusted advisor by bringing an innovative, and unique solution to the table – one which aligns to your clients unique business challenges. If you’re launching a new additional service or want to revise what you already do research the latest apps and technology available to ensure you’re offering the most effective, advanced and efficient option.

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4. Understand your clients changing needs

Just as your business is changing, so are your clients. Get to grips with understanding what the biggest challenges they currently face are.
Your clients know that it’s no longer enough just to have a website. They are all too aware that now they need to consider investing in SEO, SEM, social media and content. The list of things to consider is long… and for many smaller business owners, overwhelming.

So offer services that help to make their website work for them. Place yourself in the shoes of your clients to gain comprehensive insight into the problems and challenges they face once they’ve had a beautiful shiny new website built. Look for opportunities to develop new services to help them – or tweak what you are doing for their new plans.

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5. Provide an ongoing service

One of the best ways a web development business can cross-sell services is to offer clients an ongoing service – whether it’s an ongoing SEO campaign, monthly maintenance plan or one off starter project to get something moving – there are lots of opportunities for offering ongoing support. Look to see what you have that could be packaged into a one off or monthly plan.

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