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Once you’ve finished a web development project, your relationship with a client doesn’t have to end. If you’re looking to increase the on-going revenue you generate per client then here are some tips on how to get your team focused on cross-selling and marketing additional services.

There are many benefits to be gained from staying connected to existing client. According to a recent report on the The State of Web Development in 2016, most web development agencies in Australia plan to grow their business by offering new services to existing clients.

Is my business still competitive?

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Web Development businesses are shifting towards offering clients a more varied and diverse range of website related services, many of which centre around improving the online visibility of a website. We recently conducted some research with Web Development businesses in Australia that highlighted that the most common services offered included web design (17%), web maintenance (16%) and SEO (15%). A small number of business also offered services such as media and email marketing.

Ask yourself, how has your service offering changed over the years, and are you still competitive?

Do I really understand my client’s lifecycle?

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You’ve built an amazing website for your clients. Great, but what next? A recent report by Sensis highlighted that 61% SMB’s in Australia predominantly use their websites to promote their business online, with 54% using the website to generate sales and take orders. What this means is that the journey doesn’t end for your client once you’ve completed the website build.

Aligning the services your business offers to your client’s journey gives you the opportunity to make sure your business remains relevant to them now, and in years to come.

Am I proactive in giving my clients ideas?

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If you’ve ever experienced a competitor sweeping in to take business from you that you were well equipped to handle, you’re not alone. It often happens because your clients didn’t even know you offered the service, or simply forgot.

Be proactive in letting your clients know what you do – and make sure the options you provide them with are innovative. We’re not talking about hounding them with endless pitches about how great you are, but do be aware that if they engaged your services a while ago they may have forgotten what’s already on their doorstep.

Am I innovative enough to remain competitive?

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As far as starting up in an industry goes, web development has pretty low barriers. Aside from knowledge and experience, all you really need to set yourself up is internet access, a computer and time.

Because of this it can be difficult to differentiate your business from competitors, in essence you one of thousands of companies in the global marketplace. Therefore, to remain competitive you need to make sure the services you offer stand out from the crowd. Your innovative in your approach to web development, so make sure your approach to additional services mirrors this – investigate how you can use new technology and platforms to offer something different.

Am I packaging up my services correctly?

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Packaging up an additional service is a great way to create a cross-sell opportunity. For example once a client has a website they want to make sure people can find it – so offering a straightforward SEO starter package that includes all the basic elements they need to get started could be a great way to get clients to commit to a project up front.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to provide and cross sell SEO to your to your clients check out our partner program.