Partner Program FAQ’s

What is the Glasshat Partner Program?

The Glasshat Partner Program has been designed to extend the value of the Glasshat platform to any agency or business that currently offers digital / online services to their clients.

The partner program provides participating businesses with the opportunity to offer clients access to affordable, efficient and highly effective SEO services via the resale of our ‘SEO Partner Pack’, on a commission basis.

What does the SEO Partner Pack include?

For each client you sign up to the ‘SEO Partner Pack’ you will receive the following for your client’s website:

  1. Keyword research - Glasshat will research and identify the top 5 search terms for your client’s website
  2. Competitor benchmark - Glasshat will prepare a benchmark report for you to share with your client. Gain a clear overview of how your client stacks up against the competition online.
  3. White labelled PDF version of full audit and SEO plan - Glasshat will prepare a ‘client ready’ PDF version of the report that includes 20 SEO actions (max) - please see sample attached.
  4. 2 hours consultation with Digital Marketing Specialist - Access to our experienced Digital Project Managers and SEO professionals to discuss the website audit and seo plan, expectation setting and next steps.
  5. 12 months Glasshat software subscription worth $588 - Continue to gain access to SEO recommendations and unique insights for each client for 1 year.
  6. Backlink analysis and fix for up to 400 domains [Optional] - Is your client’s website at risk of a penalty? Glasshat will conduct in-depth backlink analysis and link clean up (for up to 400 unique domains)
    1. All of the above for $1,040 (RRP $2,079 discounted from $2,750) Above without backlink analysis for $825 (RRP $1,650 discounted from $2,079) All pricing inclusive of GST.

      What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

      Our Partner Program operates on a commission basis. We charge Partners a heavily discounted rate for the SEO Partner pack, giving partners the opportunity to resell the SEO Partner Pack to their clients at a significant markup.

      Aside from the financial incentives, the Glasshat Partner Program enables businesses to create long term, profitable customer relationships by offering clients an innovative and affordable SEO planning solution:

      • Accelerate business growth by expanding your appeal to clients that want to invest in SEO
      • Acquire new clients through promotion opportunities, helping you to scale your growth
      • Generate additional revenue through our generous commission model
      • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team by dramatically reducing hours spent conducting manual website and data analysis
      • Gain access to new beta Glasshat features

      How can I promote the SEO Partner Pack to my clients?

      Partners will receive additional marketing and sales collateral to support and facilitate promotion of the SEO Partner Pack to their clients. Glasshat will also provide Partners with a video demo and training for partner’s internal teams on how to use the Glasshat platform.

      Who can become a partner?

      Any business that has a relationship with customers who have a website and want to invest in growing their online presence. We currently work with digital marketing agencies, web development houses and freelancers.

      Does it cost anything to become a partner?

      The program costs nothing to join. Once you have signed up a client to the ‘SEO Partner Pack’ you will be invoiced for the work carried out on behalf of Glasshat.

      How does the commission work and when will I get paid?

      The RRP for the SEO Partner Pack is is $2,079, however we offer the SEO Partner Pack to our partners at a heavily discounted ‘wholesale’ rate.

      A partner has the freedom to charge what they like for the SEO Partner Pack which means you get to decide how much commission you earn - commission is worked out on the basis of the difference between the wholesale price Glasshat charge you and the RRP you charge your clients.

      When a client signs up to a SEO Partner Pack we recommend that you ask for payment upfront from your client. To commence the work Glasshat also require upfront payment from you. This approach has zero impact on your cashflow and ensures that you earn your commission upfront.

      Glasshat offer referral programs too - contact us if you’d like to explore the opportunities.

      How can I become a partner?

      If you’re interested in becoming a partner then just get in touch with the team at Glasshat via this form.

      Can I upgrade to more than five keywords?

      Sure. If you want more keywords or URLs, then just get in touch with the team and we can discuss upgrade options available.

      How can I cancel?

      Cancel at any time via the app or by contacting support via the website.

      Once I’ve signed up when can I expect work to start?

      Once we receive your order form we get to work straight away. Below are some time estimates:

      • 48 hours for the keyword research to be completed
      • Once you have signed off keywords, please allow a further 48 hours for the project to show up in your Glasshat account
      • Glasshat SEO report, please allow working days for delivery.

      Please note these timeframes are generous and we’ll always aim to deliver the work to you as quickly as possible.

      What is covered in the 2 hour consultation with a Digital Marketing Specialist?

      We have a team of dedicated in-house Digital Project Managers who will run through the report and SEO plan we’ve created, answering any client related questions you have. As an outcome of this session the Digital Project Manager can guide you on the next steps and expectation setting with your clients.

      All our Digital Project Managers have a wide range of experience in customer communications, planning, digital and SEO. If there is a specific or complex issue, one of our SEO specialists will attend to answer any specific questions you may have.

      What does the software only licence include?

      Access to Glasshat platform including action details and plans:

      • Ongoing analysis of your website with new actions generated every month
      • Step by step instructions on how to complete each recommendation the platform generates
      • Keyword visibility reports
      • Trello and CSV Export of Actions and SEO plans
      • Online Support

      What support can I get?

      For a ‘technology only licence’ we provide online support only. Our product specialists are on hand to help answer any questions you have about using the tool.

      For partners who have signed up to the Partner Program, you are also able to speak with a Digital Marketing professional to discuss planning your work, and advice on basic tasks.

      If you require help with more difficult activities, or you need detailed assistance this will be chargeable per hour from your retainer or via a separate invoice.

      Can you help me implement any of the SEO recommendations?

      Yes. We offer a full range of SEO services at Glasshat and have a dedicated in-house services team who are on hand to help you implement any of the SEO recommendations that have been made.

      We can assist you in areas such as content creation and promotion, website optimisation, social media, brand marketing and copywriting.

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