Partner with Glasshat and grow your business

Glasshat’s partner program helps you sell, scale and deliver great SEO results for your clients.

We know that scalability, automation and saving time matters. Our breakthrough SEO technology combines data collection and analysis with actionable recommendations that tell you exactly what you need to do for an SEO campaign, along with the scientific rationale as to why.

Our partner program is designed for digital marketing agencies, webmasters and developers.

Partner Benefits

High Return on Investment

Provide your clients with a data-driven SEO strategy that’s powered by our algorithm, not facts and opinion.

We provide you with recommendations that are prioritised by the impact they will have on your clients website.

Generous partner programs

We have a range of commission based partner packages that can advance your current SEO offering.

Speak to us for more details.

Cost effective & time saving 

Cut out time and effort spent on manual research, analysis and planning.

Our algorithm collects and analyses 1000’s of pieces of data across 100’s of online competitors and generates a prioritised list of things to do.

Access to SEO experts

Need help with implementing the recommendations? We have a dedicated in-house team of SEO experts on hand to assist you in areas such as website optimisation or content creation.

Gain competitive edge

Our innovative approach to SEO planning means you can offer your clients a cost effective and high ROI solution that automatically adapts to changes in the search industry.


Free support & training

Gain access to free phone and online support.

Plus access to training, exclusive product demos, resources and other professional services.

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