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There are countless small business apps and platforms out there, but if you’re looking for something new to help you work quicker, smarter and more efficiently here’s a round up of the latest and greatest apps and platforms we found on Product Hunt.

Prelaunch Page

Not quite ready to launch but ready to capture interest? This snazzy little service, created by Mike Acler, has been designed help you to generate pre-launch landing page in a flash. It’s a great way to gather initial feedback on your ideas and communicate with people who are interested in what you’re doing.


Business cards suck. So make real connections using Ping.

Ping was born from the personal frustrations of founder Carl Martin, who wanted a simple way to exchange information with the people he met. Tired of sending blank emails to people, he knew there must be a better way to connect. By simply entering an email address you can share your personal profile, learn more about the person you just met and the company they work for and add notes that remind you to re-connect. Perfect for small business owners looking to grow their network.


Get awesome help from the people around you. Chummy is a perfect companion to the other small business apps you use everyday. It’s been designed so that you can get help (and give help) to anyone, anywhere in the world. It enables you to tap into a powerful social network of people who share the ‘pay-it-forward’ mentality.

More than 55,000 people use the app in Eastern Europe and the makers are looking to pioneer a community in the US. Give it a try.

Best of Themes

As a small business owner you’ve probably been involved in the process of building a new website at some stage. So you’ll understand how time consuming it is to go to each separate theme provider, clicking on each theme and checking each demo… separately. So maker Danial Taherzadeh, made his own platform, a curated collection of free and commercial themes added daily, with a screenshot of their most important pages together for both mobile and desktop to quickly browse through.


Collin Ellis co-founded this idea when he realised he’d amassed a tremendous network of just simply awesome people. However, he felt that how you maintain your network is extremely outdated. What if you could add everyone to your newsletter, right? Or keep a list of all long term prospects you’ve spoken to?

Forget keeping track of everyone you meet in spreadsheets, use Mila alongside your other small business apps to to automatically sort your inbox contacts to your marketing and sales tools.

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