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Everyone wants to be more creative – especially if you’re faced with planning a kick ass small business marketing strategy. When you’re short on resources, time and budget, creativity is your best friend. Yet too often, you sit down with the goal of coming up with an interesting idea only to find yourself reverting back to the same marketing tactics and activities.

Looking to spark your creative energy in 2017? Well hold up! We’ve scoured the web to pick out 10 awesome resources, videos and articles that will inspire and kick start

[List] 15 marketing strategies to inspire strategic thinkers

It takes time and effort to come up with a marketing strategy that truly resonates with your target audience, so give yourself and jumpstart the process with these 15 strategies handpicked by

[Video] We’ve stopped trusting institutions and have started trusting strangers by Rachel Botsman

Duration – 17:08

Things are changing, dramatically. As consumers we’ve gone from trusting institutions like governments and banks to rely increasingly on other organisations like Airbnb and Uber. These changes bring with it a more transparent and accountable society. How will this impact on the marketing message you’re using to attract potential customers?

[Slideshare] How to come up with better ideas, more often

Marketing giant Hubspot have come up with these practical tips to help you come up with great ideas to fuel your small business marketing campaign. 82 slides of inspiring greatness – check it out.

[Article] How creative geniuses come up with awesome ideas

Want to know the simple secret to how creativity works and how you can repeatedly experience the good fortune of coming up with great ideas? This article from outlines the process that professional idea creators follow. Read more here…

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