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So you’ve found a blogger or website that you’d love to work with online.Great.

Regardless of whether you want to partner up and cross promote your brand, send them some free products to trial, or you want to offer them a guest post – approaching them in the right way is the only way to make sure your first email doesn’t get sent straight to trash.

Remember bloggers and websites receive emails from other businesses like yours on a daily basis (well the good ones do anyway). So it’s really important that you make a great first impression and leave the them with no doubt as to how you and your business can benefit them.

Here are some expert tips to help you put together your pitch email.

  • Read their blog posts and ‘About Me’ page. Make sure you know their name and use it in the email.

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  • Don’t just say you’ve been reading their blog for a while – it screams email template. Comment on a post they’ve written and why you found it useful, interesting or relevant to you personally.

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  • Don’t just copy and paste the same email to everybody you contact. These emails stand out a mile and will just get deleted. It will take you time to craft a personalised, well researched and informed email, but you will see a much higher return on effort.

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  • The best tone to take is professional, yet friendly. Show your personality, everyone wants to work with people they like.
  • Be clear on what the benefit is to them and be upfront about what it is you want. Do you want to offer them an experts opinion piece or send them a product to review? Or are you keen just to start a conversation on how they might be interested in working with you?
  • If you can find a telephone number pick up the phone and give them a call.

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  • Read their guidelines. Most bloggers will have content guidelines, so read them. If a blogger explicitly says that they don’t accept content from anyone else and they don’t do product reviews – then don’t ask them!
  • Things you should avoid

  • Never use a template that you copy and paste for everyone – always tailor your emails to be personal.
  • Don’t mention money up front, but do be prepared to pay a blogger for their time.

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  • Use your professional work email and avoid using your personal Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. Using a work email address helps to add credibility to your request.
  • Never email a website and directly ask for a link back to your website. It doesn’t come across that you are genuinely trying to be helpful and weakens your pitch.

Reaching out to other people online is just one way you can increase traffic to your new blog or website. If you want more ideas why not check out our snazzy website traffic ideas tool. Answer our four simple questions and generate 10 creative ways to increase website traffic.


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