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If you’re running a small business the sound of automating your marketing to free up your time sounds great, doesn’t it?

Lucky for you there’s now a whole heap of digital marketing automation tools that exist to automate time consuming marketing actions and processes, such as sending emails to customers, sharing content on social media and following up on leads.

However, there are so many marketing automation tools out there it can be difficult to keep up to date with how their features can help your business and which tools are right for you.

Automation can be the key to keeping pace, saving time and reducing your cost per acquisition. Of course it shouldn’t be all you do, but here are a few tools to help get you on your way…

1. Forget spending hours uploading posts to separate social media accounts and try Buffer.

Buffer allows you to automate social media posting, from Facebook to LinkedIn, Google+ to Pinterest.

Buffer works out the best possible time for you to share your content and post on social media throughout the day. This means that your followers, customers and clients have a much better chance of actually seeing your posts.

This online marketing tool is well worth testing if… you’re looking for a simplified version of Hootsuite. It’s intuitive and user friendly, and offers users detailed reporting functionality.

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2. Keep old content alive by automatically reposting it on your social channels with Revive Old Post.

Revive Old Post is a plugin that can be used to automatically share older evergreen blog posts on social media, ensuring that the content you spent hours creating continues to deliver value. This time saving tool is a great addition to your marketing toolset and offers small business owners a cost effective way to drive more traffic to your website and blog by reusing existing content.

Try this tool if… you’re looking for an affordable way to drive more website traffic.

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3. Collect and convert leads with customisable landing pages

Leadpages helps you to collect new leads and contact details from landing pages, pop-up forms, social media, emails and text messages.

This helpful marketing tool helps you to automate the collection of information about potential customers so you can follow up with them later. Leadpages have multiple templates that work on all devices (e.g. desktop or mobile), all with powerful conversion points.

They offer A/B split testing and analytics, so you can really test which platforms are best for your business at converting leads into customers. The benefit of using a tool like is that you are able to run a campaign that is really focused on achieving the specific goals that matter to your business.

This automated marketing tool is great if… you’re looking to create quick, intuitive landing pages, focused on conversions and ROI.


4. Run effective retargeting campaigns with this smart prospecting platform

AdRoll specialise in retargeting and driving new potential customers to your website. This marketing automation tool helps you to target your audiences with highly relevant messaging and ads. You can run loyalty campaigns, cross-sell to existing customers and advertise across devices on 500+ ad exchanges, including Facebook and Google.

This tool is great if… you are looking for a holistic platform to run your digital advertising, this tool helps make it convenient to launch ads, fine-tune campaigns, and track your digital advertising performance closely.

5. Get to grips with how your users behave while engaging with your business on their mobile devices

Localytics say you need to know your users to engage with them – and we couldn’t agree more! This analytics tool is focused exclusively on mobile, understanding users behaviour on devices.

It tracks users interactions across other channels and offers demographic and usage stats, so your business can create personalised retargeting and automated messages to capture your audiences attention.

The is the perfect tool if you want to uncover some valuable insights from a whole heap of data, that you can use to help make decisions that inform your businesses marketing strategy. Get your head around things like what users do when they are in your app, discover conversion drop-off points, tracking retention trends and identify your the most valuable customers.

Try this tool if you’re looking for… a marketing automation tool can help you create effective targeted campaign across the whole customer journey.

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Whether you’re already using marketing automation tools to power your businesses marketing strategy, or are only just getting started today, it’s important that you don’t get left behind! There are 1,000 of tools out there, ready to make your marketing (and life) easier. Some will be right for your business, others not quite. Just make sure you test, test, test!

If at first you don’t succeed…try, try again!

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