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Every business with a website wants to increase traffic. If you're looking for ideas on how you can boost your business online then hold tight!

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30 Creative Ways You Can Increase Website Traffic

Want to see our full list of ideas for how you can increase traffic to your website right now? No worries, feel free to get stuck into the full list below.

Whether you're looking for free, quick and simple things you can do or you want some ideas on how to put your marketing budget to good use - we have it covered.

1. Infiltrate online communities

This free idea is a great place to get started. Find out where your potential customers spend time online and look for opportunities where your business can step in and assist them with their problems.

Think - where else would your customers go to find your goods and services online?

Who else did it?: Airbnb used Craigslist to find listings of houses for rent and reached out to the renters to ask them to place their ads on Airbnb instead.

get more website traffic online community

2. Create buzz by holding something back

The success of is well documented - after all, they did manage to secure a waiting list of over 600,000 users just one week after launch. Their approach was to make an awesome launch video, after which people could only sign up and wait to try their product.

Think: People love what they can't have... so how can you create a feeling of a secret gang that everyone wants to be part of. Use this to drive people to your website ready to sign up, register their interest or get in touch.

get more customers online buzz

3. List your business within an online marketplace

Just consider that any online marketplace has a financial interest in driving traffic to your website, so taking advantage of someone else’s willingness to promote your products or services is just smart business.

If you're a new or small business you can also piggyback off the established brand of a respected marketplace - a big plus for any prospective customers who are thinking about visiting your website.

4. Integrate to grow

In times of rapidly evolving technology, integrating your product or service with another business is a smart move. Many companies now use their Facebook pages as real-time forums and support areas, or connect the 'Like' button to exclusive discounts. It's a great way to generate some high quality referral traffic to your website

Get started: How could you integrate your business with social? Host content that answers your customers questions on your website and always link back to it.

5. Is Google a fan of your website?

If you really want to increase website traffic you need to make sure it appears in those Google search results... and that means one thing, getting your 'SEO' on. SEO was a key component in LinkedIn’s success as they grew from 2 million to 200 million users.

By allowing users to create public profiles (which could be indexed and ranked by Google), they helped to ensure that everyone listed on the platform could show up organically in search results. A great way to send loads of fresh traffic to the website.

Do it yourself: Use our online tool to generate a list of SEO 'things to do' for your website. You can start with a free trial and there are lots of simple things you can do for your website that won't cost a cent.

6. Drill down on your retargeting by page or post

Retargeting allows you to reach people who have previously engaged with your business, visited your website, subscribed to a newsletter or made a purchase.

Getting adverts for your business in front of these customers via Facebook retargeting is a great way to remind them that you're there and boost referral traffic to your website.

Think about creating audiences from your customer lists, website visitors and people who've liked or shared one of your posts. Promoting to people who have already shown an interest is proven to be a really effective way to drive traffic to your website. Simply hit up your 'Facebook Ad manager' to get started.

7. Automate everything

Automation doesn't mean you have to separate yourself from your customers - but it does allow you to do way more, in less time. So whether it's driving more traffic to your website with auto scheduled social media posts, or automating the messages they get once they arrive on your website - it's a really efficient way to make the website traffic you get converts into paying customers.

Find out more: Here's a list of some great time saving marketing automation tools we think you should get stuck into.

8. Start a referral program

Dropbox generated lots of new traffic to their website and increased signups by a whopping 60% because they made it super easy for customers to tell their friends about them.

To help encourage this they have been known to hand out incentives. For example, when one person who has Dropbox refers it to someone else, they both get a 500MB increase. We’ll take some of that please.

Think: Could you implement a simple referral scheme for your customers? How could you incentivise them to send more traffic to your website?

9. Host a webinar, it's the gift that keeps on giving

People love to learn, and webinars are a great way to share your words of wisdom to your eagerly waiting audience, while educating them about topics related to your products and services.

Combined with some effective social promotion campaign, webinars are a great way to increase traffic to your website. Embed the webinar on your website for later viewing and don't forget to optimise it for SEO to make sure it keeps generating traffic for you when people search for questions related to the topics you cover.

drive website traffic webinar

10. Experiment with landing page testing

If you're dipping your toes into the ocean of landing page testing, then here's a quick rundown: A/B testing is when you run an experiment between two or more pages to see which one performs or converts the best once visitors arrive.

Once you have this cracked it can really help to encourage repeat traffic to your website, as visitors are happy to return to a website where they’ve had a great experience. Think about mixing up the headline, images or adding a video to your homepage.

Try these tools: and

11. Cultivate your own personal fan club

LinkedIn relied on power users to help grow their brand and generate website traffic for years. The smart folks over there seeded the product with well connected influencers, and cultivated an 'inspirational brand', which later drew in the mainstream.

Do it yourself: Find people who love what you do, or people who are closely related to your target market and strike up a conversation. Word of mouth can be a powerful tactic for getting people to visit your website.

12. Become a case study

Businesses and people always need testimonials and case studies saying that their product or service works.

So be that testimonial. Being mentioned in a case study can help to send you a good amount of recurring traffic (as well as establishing your brand awareness). So make a list of the products you use and love and the suppliers you work with, and ask if they'd be interested in you sharing your experience with their customers.

get more traffic case study

13. Swap shop

Swap blogs, tweets, social media posts and advertising spots with other complimentary businesses that also reach people that are similar to your target market. It's free, helps boost your brand and can be an effective way to get traffic to your website. Two things - don't spam and be fussy on who you swap with (they have to relevant to the customers you want to attract).

drive website traffic swap content

14. P.S I love you.... Put your email signature to work

Before Hotmail became the email powerhouse it is today, their investor suggested putting ‘PS I love you. Get your free E-mail at Hotmail‘ at the end of every email sent through them. The hype that was generated off the back of this resulted in Hotmail averaging 3000 new sign-ups a day in the beginning. They went on to get a staggering 1 million users in next 6 months.

Try it yourself: Do you link to your website in your signature? And how could you entice people to click through?

15. Personality sells, baby

If you’re a new or small local business then it's important that you have some 'personal presence' online. This boils down to how you present yourself to the public at large (or more accurately, how people perceive you). Your LinkedIn profile, your Twitter updates, your forum posts and blog comments all meld together to form a personal brand.

3 simple rules to follow: be yourself, be transparent and be helpful - oh and always include a link back to your businesses website.

16. Invest in promoting your deals

Deal websites can be a great way to drive a fresh influx of traffic to your website - especially if you have an eye catching deal to promote. Popular sites include Groupon and LivingSocial are great, but don't forget to look for local coupon or promotion websites to help boost your presence online.

get more website traffic deal websites

17. Encourage people to get snap happy

If you’re a new business then you might not have much brand awareness yet.

Something that ticks the boxes of generating some brand awareness while also increasing your website traffic is to get customers to take snaps of themselves using your product or enjoying your service to share with you on social media.

Take action: Post the pictures on your website (maybe within a blog post) and share everything on social (with your customers permission of course). Personal pictures like this are more likely to catch someone’s attention on social media which can help to drive referral traffic from your social profiles.

get more website traffic share online (1)

18. Take to the streets, a new app that helps you fight parking tickets took to the streets to promote their website and app. The startup employed a group of “Ticket Heroes,” or individuals that combed the city of San Francisco daily in search of ticketed vehicles. When they spotted a parking ticket they slapped a branded promo for the app on the windscreen with a link to the website.

Top tip: Don't over think it; Sometimes creative, targeted grassroots growth efforts can be your most effective way to drive customers online to your website.

drive more website traffic offline promotion

19. Build a killer email list

If you're not already building up a list of email contacts then you're going to miss out on some traffic boosting content marketing opportunities down the line.

Having possession of an email list that you can promote your content, upcoming promotions and company news to is invaluable if you want to grow your business online. It's a great way to engage customers and drive them back to visiting your website.

get more website traffic via emails

20. Your website has to be up to speed

What can we say, Google loves a quick website. It chooses to rank those that feel the need for speed higher than those that don't, and that only means one thing. A speedy website equals more traffic.

Do it yourself: To uncover a list of things you need to do to improve your website, just enter your URL in here. Don't be put off by the technical side of this task - some jobs are as simple as reducing the size of your image files.

21. Create a community of your own

If you're a business that's been around for a while and has built up a gang of loyal customers then it could be time to foster your own online community.

Look at Pinterest, in the beginning they focused on a small group of passionate users, holding physical meetups for these users where they could get feedback and help get the word out. With over 100M users under their belt, we think it did the job.

22. Take the online, offline

If you're an online business then don’t forget about taking it offline.

RealtimeBoard, an online whiteboard for teams - used offline events to promote their brand and website to target customers. They also encouraged early users to write online reviews, which in turn brought more users to the website. They went from 0 users to a staggering 100,000 in 10 months. Pretty impressive.

23. Show and tell

Whether it's hosting or sponsoring, an event can be an excellent way to get more traffic to your website.

Did you know?: When dating app, Tinder were first trying to get people to use their app they held exclusive parties at colleges in the USA, with one condition – you must have downloaded the Tinder app.

Could you prompt people to sign up or register to an event you want to host via your website? Don't forget to promote your event with a link back to your site across all social media.

24. Incentivise

Incentivising potential website visitors can be great way to boost website traffic growth.

Get inspired: When PayPal were getting started they had a friend referral bounty. By paying $10 cash to each new customer and $10 to the customer who referred them, Paypal was able to hack early growth to tens of millions of users. They don’t run the offer any more in case you were wondering...

An incentive like this is also great to promote online across your social profiles. How could you incentivise potential customers to visit your website and convert.

25. Are all your listing present and correct?

This sounds obvious, but it's something many businesses neglect. Having your business name, address and phone number online, in as many relevant places as possible, is a sure fire way to increase the traffic to your website.

A Google Business listing is your numero uno priority - but after that get listed on Bing and Yahoo! for business. Yelp, Yellow Pages and White Pages are also a good starting point. Branch out to more niche listing sites that are related to your business and industry after that.

increase website traffic local seo

26. Partner up to host a giveaway

Partnering up to host a giveaway can be a great way to expose your business to a new audience.

If you're a new business then consider partnering with an established brand to host a giveaway. After all, if no one knows about you, you may struggle to entice people back to your website to find out more.

Offer up your goods or services as the giveaway and ask your partner to host the details on their website and share it all over their social media channels.

Not only will the links back to your website help to boost authority, but you should see some referral traffic back to your website.

website traffic giveaway

27. Don't forget to look beyond Google

Everyone knows that Google's the heavyweight champion of search engines, but you should definitely consider paid advertising on other channels with a lower barrier to success like Bing, Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon or LinkedIn. Look for advertising opportunities or networks where you customers are likely to visit to boost your website traffic numbers. Check out this list here

28. Giveaway free stuff

This one's simple. Give something to get something.

Check this out: When Uber was starting out they drove around entrepreneurs and investors for pitch events. A waste of petrol yes, but a waste of time no. Uber benefited from press mentions, sign ups and traffic to the website as people flocked to find out what the hype was about.

Posting about the giveaway on your website and linking back to it via all promotion can be a great way to generate visitors for your website - raising brand awareness.

29. Time to branch out?

Does your website have traffic potential outside your existing country, region or language? If so then it's time to look at expanding your empire online, driving more traffic to your website from far and wide.

Once you've determined if the market is big enough consider things like building a separate website, search and social media implications and of course translating your content.

Drive more traffic go global

30. Find your AHA! moment

The eureka effect. A moment of deep insight. The point at which people start engaging with your business in the way you want them to. Working out what this is makes sure that everything you do is optimised towards getting customers to this point.

Real life example: If Twitter can't get a person to follow 30 other people, that person is very unlikely to ever come back. The best indicator of whether someone will continue using Dropbox is when they put at least one file in one Dropbox folder.

What's the aha moment for your business? Once you've driven traffic to the website - how do you make sure they keep coming back?